How to Ship Your Car Overseas


When shipping a car internationally from the UK, whether to Australia or USA, most auto shipping firms will give you the option of how to transport your vehicle, which will most likely boil down to two primary options: container shipping or air shipping. While both of these alternatives achieve the identical goal of transporting your automobile from point A to point B, they are quite different. Understanding which one to choose has a significant impact on the amount you will spend to deliver your car.

Due to the sheer size of modern container shipping vessels, which can hold up to 6,000 cars per sailing, and the ease with which the ship can be loaded by simply driving the cars up a ramp into the vessels and then parking and securing them for the remainder of the journey, they are very much like a floating car park.

Due to the speed with which the vessel can be loaded and the number of vehicles that it can hold, container shipping is typically the more affordable option when shipping your car overseas. The one significant disadvantage of container shipping is that you are not always permitted to ship personal items in your car while it is being shipped. This is because the shipping company is not insured.

Therefore, when deciding how to ship your vehicle, you must consider what you will be shipping and whether or not you will be shipping personal items as well. The average Joe shipping their vehicle overseas will ship via container shipping, which simplifies the shipping process. However, for someone shipping multiple cars or personal items, they will ship via container shipping.

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